Industry Tool Box

Handouts and Flyers

Individuals and businesses representing all levels of the auto care industry are encouraged to participate in the “Be Car Care Aware” campaign! The Car Care Council is the information source for the “Be Car Care Aware” consumer education campaign, providing information on the benefits of regular vehicle care, maintenance and repair. Drive more consumers to your business and build a positive brand by getting involved.

Communicate With Your Customers

Use the Car Care Council’s information, advice and tips to communicate with your customers and prospects. Online The Car Care Council’s blog located on includes the latest press releases and information for consumers and the social media pages are constantly updated with this material. Follow and share on the following platforms:        

  • Facebook: Find the latest updates, see what’s popular and share content with your Facebook fans.
  • Twitter: Bite-sized updates that are easy to share. Remember to tweet to us @CarCareCouncil
  • YouTube: The council’s YouTube channel shows clips on car maintenance and what to expect at a repair shop. The videos are designed to make customers feel more comfortable with the vehicle maintenance process. Check out our new video on navigating an auto parts store!
  • Pinterest: Here we are using the power of images to engage consumers on the importance of vehicle maintenance.
  • Instagram: Engaging followers with visual car care tips and fun photos.
  • Subscribe to our monthly e-brief newsletter for industry and campaign updates!
  • Download and share Winter Car Care Tip images

In Your Business Engage your current customer while they are in your shop!

  • Download and play Car Care Clips in your waiting room.
  • Use the Car Care Council’s promotional materials to promote car care months and display car care tips. When they leave, send them home with a mirror hanger in their car or with a free car care guide that includes your logo or attached business card.

In the Media: Put your business in front of customers through the local media.  Use the example press release for your upcoming event or really speak to the public with radio spot scripts. Car Care Months April and October are great times to use the national attention to spread the word on car care.

Find a list of all press releases HERE.