Radio Disney Listeners Learn about National Car Care Month

On Monday, March 26, Car Care Council Executive Director Rich White was interviewed by Radio Disney about National Car Care Month in April. White discussed tips and advice on routine vehicle service intervals, maintenance that can save gas, tire rotation, tire pressure and do-it-yourself tasks that are simple, inexpensive and fun for their young driver listeners. The family audience was to look at vehicle maintenance like teeth cleaning – proper preventative care eliminates bigger problems down the road. White also explained that, when it comes to gas prices, while you cannot control the price of gas at the pump but you can control how much as you use by properly maintaining your vehicle.

Vehicle maintenance not only saves money, it makes the vehicle safer to drive, more dependable and more environmentally friendly. Radio Disney reaches weekly audiences of 29.2 million listeners ages 6 , and 8.3 million kids between 6-14. More than 67 percent of mothers 18 with kids aged 2-14 listen to Radio Disney with a child. The network is available on more than 35 terrestrial radio stations and is also available via, Sirius and XM satellite radio on channel 79, iTunes Radio Tuner, mobile phones and on the Radio Disney iPhone and Android Apps.

White’s interview will air on April 8 on Radio Disney.

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