Make Your “Regular” Car More Environmentally Friendly

In the past decade, the automobile industry has experienced a revolution. While traditional vehicles are still going strong, the creation of affordable, mass-produced hybrids and electric cars has started a revolution. Many people are choosing electric cars over fossil-fuel vehicles because they are cheaper to drive and help reduce damage to the environment. The cost of charging an electric car is much less than the cost of filling up the tank, and the cost of a new hybrid or electric car has dropped considerably over the past ten years. These cars also aren’t as loud, which reduces noise pollution and makes communities quieter. While it seems like electric cars are the most logical move, it’s only recently that technology has made them both affordable and efficient.

There are several things you can do to convert your traditional vehicle to a more eco-friendly one. Some of these are as simple as using different oil, while others involve changes to your driving habits. Here are some of the easiest things to make your vehicle more environmentally friendly:

  • Drive the speed limit and don’t rapidly accelerate. This helps save on gas.
  • Use synthetic oil and high-flow air filters.
  • Replace the spark plugs regularly.
  • Use cruise control to maintain your speed and reduce acceleration.
  • Perform regular car maintenance.
  • Turn off the car if you expect to idle for longer than 30 seconds.
  • Remove any excess weight from your vehicle.
  • Keep your tired properly inflated.
  • Use car covers to keep your vehicles safe when you’re not driving them or overnight

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