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Car Care Events Reveal Need for Increased Maintenance

Results of vehicle inspections held at community car care events across the country during Car Care Months in April and October 2011 reveal that 84 percent of vehicles need service or parts, the highest percentage in five years, according to the Car Care Council. The unsatisfactory condition of vehicles reflects the current economic climate and READ MORE »

Drive Smart and Save Gas Money — Driving Behavior, Vehicle Care Directly Impact Fuel Efficiency

With no end in sight to rising gas prices, consumers who modify their driving habits and properly maintain their vehicles will get more miles per gallon. The Car Care Council recommends the following ways to drive smart and save gas money: Observe the speed limit. Gas mileage decreases rapidly above 60 mph. Avoid excessive idling. READ MORE »

New Event Finder Map Feature Helps Motorists Find Community Car Care Events

With National Car Care Month in April on the horizon, the Car Care Council has added a new map feature to its Car Care Event Finder to make it easier for motorists to find a vehicle check-up event in their area.  To register a car care event, visit “The Car Care Council’s website is READ MORE »

Engine Repowering Keeps New Car Costs at Bay

Buying a new car might sound great in theory but in these uncertain economic times, it might not be the right investment. Other options, such as repowering your current engine, may be a much better economic decision to keep new car costs at bay.   “Smart shoppers and smart motorists make better decisions when they READ MORE »