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A Battery Check Today Can Keep the Tow Truck Away

A battery check today can keep the tow truck away, says the Car Care Council, as it advises vehicle owners to have their battery tested and replaced if necessary this fall to avoid being stranded this winter. Sooner or later all batteries have to be replaced, and excessive heat and overcharging are the two main READ MORE »

Used Engine Oil Gets Recycled by 95 Percent of Auto Repair Shops and Parts Stores

Bethesda, MD – October 11, 2011 – Engine oil is the lifeblood of the automobile, and a regular oil change is critical to keep your vehicle running properly, but what happens to all the used engine oil after it’s drained from your car? According to a study by the Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association (AAIA), engine READ MORE »

Click for Quick Car Care: The Car Care Council’s Car Care Guide

This first-of-its-kind reference guide means that the power of preventive vehicle maintenance is just a mouse click away! The 60-page guide covers nine major service occasions and 12 component groups of the vehicle, plus service interval recommendations, a maintenance log and much more. Additionally, the guide now contains two new sections on fuel economy and environmental READ MORE »

Talking Tires: Recycled Responsibly by Your Local Technician

More than 300 million tires are scrapped annually, or about one tire per person in the United States. Approximately 89 percent of the scrap tires generated in the United States by weight are put to new productive use, according to the Rubber Manufacturers Association. Products made from the rubber in scrap tires include mulch, playground READ MORE »

Fall Into Good Maintenance Habits!

Autumn is the perfect time to fall into a vehicle maintenance program and get your car ready for the challenges of harsh winter weather. A thorough inspection of your vehicle during Fall Car Care Month will go a long way toward ensuring safety and dependability when temperatures drop and severe winter weather strikes. Click here READ MORE »

Welcome to the “Be Car Care Aware” Blog!

Welcome to the new “Be Car Care Aware” (BCCA) blog, brought to you by the Car Care Council! This blog will bring you the latest and greatest news on the best preventive maintenance and care for your vehicle, with seasonal maintenance recommendations, car care advice, safety tips for motorists and more. The “Be Car Care Aware” READ MORE »

How To Change Your Headlights And Taillights

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How To Check Your Car’s Drive Belts

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How to Use a Car Jack

Being stranded on the side of the road might not be the best time to learn where your car jack is located and how to use it. Our mechanic shows you the basic steps for getting your vehicle raised up.

How To Change Your Cabin Air Filter

DriverSide shows you how to check and change your cabin air filter.