Ask the TECH Questions

We’ve compiled a list of questions to ask your technician before you have your maintenance performed. The questions cover:

Oils, Filters and Fluids
Belts and Hoses
Brake Service
Wheel Alignment
Tire Service
Check Engine Light
Air Conditioning Service

Oils, Filters and Fluids

What fluids will you check? Is the oil you’re putting in my car the right type for the way I drive?

Is an oil filter change included with this service?

When should I get my next oil change?

What fluid should I change next?

How often should my fluid level be checked?

Will my car’s instrument panel alert me if fluids are low?

Belts and Hoses

What’s the difference between a V-belt and a serpentine belt?

Why does my aftermarket V-belt have notches?

What are branched hoses and why might these be better for my vehicle?

What is electrolytic corrosion and how did it get in my cooling system?

Brake Service

Is there anything I can do to help the brakes on my car last longer?

How does the work being performed eliminate the symptoms my car exhibited or my complaint?

Are there any related services my car needs while this service is being performed?

What does the brake warning light mean on my car’s dashboard?


How often does my car need a tune-up?

Are there other services that need to be performed at this time?

How does this work address my complaint?

If the “Check Engine” or “Service Engine Soon” light comes on, is it the same as saying it’s time for a tune-up?

Wheel Alignment

Is this a four-wheel alignment?

How did the improper settings relate to the symptoms my car exhibited…Poor tire wear, wandering, etc.?

Are there other problems related to alignment such as worn steering and suspension parts?

Has my car been road-tested to ensure that it performs properly and that my complaint has been corrected?

Tire Service

What type of tires should go on my vehicle based on my driving?

What can happen if I install a set of tires having a size not recommended for my car?

My car shakes at certain speeds…What causes this?

Can my driving habits affect tire life?

Do they have to be replaced in pairs?

Check Engine Light

Does the light mean my car needs a tune-up?

When checking out the cause of the light, are there any other services that need to be performed at the same time?

Is it normal for the light to come on briefly when I start my car?

What happens if I just ignore the light?

Will the light eventually turn off by itself?

Will my car pass an emissions test if the light is on?

Air Conditioning Service

What happens if I continue to use my car’s A/C system, even though it’s not cooling properly?

Water drips underneath my car when I use the A/C system. Is this normal?

A musty odor comes out of the A/C vents at times. Can anything be done about this?

My car’s A/C system seems to cool intermittently and I hear a clicking on and off from underneath the hood. What does this mean?

I have an older car that still uses R-12 or Freon refrigerant. Does it make sense to switch it over to R-134a?


How do I get my tires to have a shine?

Do small cracks in the windshield need to be fixed?

What can I use to remove small scratches in the paint?

Why shouldn’t I wash my car with dishwashing soap?