Additional Car Care Videos

Tire Balance

Learn the importance of having properly balanced tires. Tire Balance Courtesy of AutoNetTV

Check Engine Light

Learn what to do when your check engine light turns on. Check Engine Light Courtesy of AutoNetTV


Learn why tune-ups are key to a long lasting vehicle. Tune Up Courtesy of AutoNetTV

Cabin Air Filters

Learn the purpose of cabin air filters  and when to replace them. Cabin Air Filter Replacement Courtesy of AutoNetTV

Battery Life

Learn how to make your battery life last longer. Battery Cleaning Courtesy of AutoNetTV

Common Sounds Your Car Might Make

If there”s a problem with your car, there”s a chance a strange noise will accompany it. DriverSide”s mechanic talks about three common sounds your car can makes to alert you of a problem. Your car”s issue not covered in this video? No problem.

Video: Essential Items to Keep in Your Car

We talk about the essential items one should always keep in the car. Not only will these items prove useful on a day-to-day basis, but some are extremely helpful in emergency situations.

How To Check Your Engine Fluids

DriverSide shows you how to check your oil, transmission fluid, and other important fluids that keep your engine going.

How To Find Your VIN Number

If you don’t know where to look for your VIN number, no problem. The DriverSide team is here to help! Learn more about understanding and breaking down your VIN number here.

Hybrid Maintenance: What to Expect at the Mechanic

We talk to Pat Cadam from Pat’s Garage in San Francisco about hybrid maintenance and how it’s surprisingly less expensive to keep one on the road than you may think.

How to Talk to Your Mechanic

DriverSide gets advice from Pat Cadam of Pat”s Garage in San Francisco to teach you the best way to talk to a mechanic.