Ask The Tech

Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at a Service Shop or Parts Store? Worried that you aren’t asking enough questions, or the right ones, when you take your car for service? Well, the Car Care Council can help.

Our virtual tour takes you inside a Service Shop and shows you just what goes on so you’ll feel comfortable the next time you take your car in.

Do you need to take your vehicle to a new car dealership for service and repair to protect your warranty? No, you don’t – read the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer alert for more details here.

Parts Stores can be confusing as well, but our virtual tour takes the mystery out. Check it out before your next visit.

Now that you’re ready to schedule your service, what questions should you ask your technician? Our list of Ask the TECH questions covers all the major maintenance issues and gives you the questions you should be asking.

Having  a specific car problem? The Diagnostics tool can help you figure out what is wrong with your vehicle. Enter some basic information and the tool will help figure out what’s wrong or you can ask a real mechanic the question.

Plus, watch our Car Care Minutes for information on special topics like winterizing your car, and travel tips.

For additional videos in car maintenance and tips click here.

Want to build your own personalized service schedule? click here

For more information on how you can “Be Car Care Aware,” call 240-333-1045.